This to me is the essence of great writing

So. I just finished editing Paul Bühres new book “Das Jahr nach dem Abi”, Pauls second book after Teenie Leaks. Sometimes editing is actually not so much fun, even if the texts are good, it is still work. It was different with Pauls book. While he travelled China, India and finally Scotland and had great adventures he would send me texts and whenever I got something I couldnt wait to read it. Why is that I wondered?

As a writer you only write fraction of what you see and hear during assingment. The things you choose mean something, symbolize something. What I love about Pauls writing is that he sees things that have no obvious meaning, that aren’t just there to illustrate the preconceived notions we have of countries. They stand for themselves and therefore offer a new meaning, something you haven’t know before. This to me is the essence of great writing.