Just in time for Christmas…

… we got this wonderful review from great British children’s book author Michael Morpurgo. I love his books and to even know that he read our book is quite … surreal. (Surreal, but nice!)

My book of of the year is HUNDRED: What You Learn in a Lifetime by Heike Faller and Valerio Vidali. A journey through a lifetime of years, year by year. Cradle to grave – well, almost. 1 to 99.

I looked my own year up. 76. A lovely and telling illustration of a man and his dogs walking through a snowy wood. The caption reads, ’76: Being in nature is the best’. True. And it is the truth-telling in this unique book that is wonderful. For all the family to ponder over, chortle over; the old looking back, the young looking forward, those in the middle looking both ways in the same book. Sheer delight.