Here are some of the stories I did over the last twenty years:

Politics is governed by lobbyists. But is that actually true? A journey to Brussels, where I just asked some MPs why they voted they way they did. Read more

My uncle Sepp is a simple Bavarian potatoe farmer. All of a sudden he is the star of the family. Read more

How David Foster Wallace opened up the world of contemporary writing for me. Read more

My year at the Scharzofberg or how a magic mountain in westernmost Germany produces the most expensive white wine in the world. Read more

A visit to the animal kingdom. A interview about Germanys wild animals from snakes to re-invented aurochses. Read more

The photo of the young refugee Alan Kurdi swamped up dead on a beach on Turkey shook the world. Here is my profile of his family. Read more

Can a pedophile man learn to keep his impulses in check with a therapy? I spent a year with someone trying to do just that. Read more

… and here is my follow uo on him, two years later. Read more

How come so few economic journalists saw the financial crisis coming? Read more

London, in den Irak und in das Büro eines Milliardärs namens George Soros.
When the financial crisis was coming I bet 10 000 Euro on a catastrophe. Then I followed my own money. It led me to London, Iraq and the office of George Soros. Read more